Monday, September 22, 2008

Elisa Jimenez article

Here is a link to a good article about Elisa Jimenez's Spring 2009 "Urban Nomads" collection at NYC fashion week, featuring recycled materials, sage, and honeysuckle. Also an interview with Elisa.

Personally, I prefer lavender on my clothes these days (but that's just me). And last year it was Jasmine (Bonet) who annointed me with her discount mall-chic dresses that inspired a song.

But sage can dispel negative energy/entities, and is therefore very useful when going out shopping or spending lunch with your classmates (if your high school experience was like mine).

Friday, September 19, 2008

frustrated faerie fashionista, part 1

elisa jimenez fall 2008 collection at Touch, from NYC Mercedes-Benz fashion week

“Fall bridges that which has come before with that which will come after, the mythic and the ordinary, art and fashion.” — Elisa Jimenez

Sometime earlier this year I became frustrated with a lot of the clothing I was seeing in big stores and that glitzy urban Atlanta-fashion scene that still seems to dominate the underbelly. And so I looked to nature and the seasons for inspiration...though, clearly I'm not the first by any means.
Elisa Jimenez's fall 2008 collection, for example (and a lot of her Hungerworld project), continues to interest me and feel "present" - many of these pieces I would personally wear in daily life and not feel out of place!

Of course, hand-sewing on a model is pretty impractical for creating a mass-market clothing line. But I have been, and am still impressed by, her shapes, approach, and connection to the natural world.

Jerleni. Photo by zbilly 2008.
skirt: silk, Lucca. shawl: velvet, model's own.

The summer blew through and I saw a lot of turquoise, green, orange and yellow, along with patterns of indigenous cultures. A great way to brighten/intensify emotions during a tumultuous time, but not so helpful for blending in a forest or in water.

I would like to hear from designers who create for the fickle Faerie Folk that are not as well known as Elisa, who is most famous for being a contestant on "Project Runway" Season 4. I'll post some of my findings here in metro Atlanta, for the Fall, including a shoot with model Jerleni. Elisa also has just shown her Spring 2009 collection, "Urban Nomad," which should be exciting.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Welcome to my blog! I'm a multimedia artist based in Atlanta..I play music as "found objects of desire" and have recently become a wardrobe stylist.
Thrift and vintage stores have long been an interest and inspiration for me. I still feel guided, occasionally limited, by my indie film/theatre background & nature spirituality.
(model: Mya Hassan photo: zbilly 2007)
Somewhere along the way, though, I got lost in the fashion forest and I am not sure where the edge is...