Thursday, December 23, 2010


(Ventana Canyon, AZ to "porque te vas" and others in full chemtraicolor, part 2)

"hoy en mi ventana brilla el sol
y el corazon
se pone triste contemplando la ciudad porque te vas...
me olvidaras, me olvidaras..."

abre mi ventana
abre mi ventana, catalina
lets move our clouds to the tucson valley
lets have our thrills on garnet hills
let's just not return to the tucson valley
let's have our quills on faerie holes

let's have a party in the house of catalina
let's pose on the couch and borrow her crystals
let's celebrate, our cups so runneth over
let's have fun, let the spider free!

we are the priestesses of imperfectly poor planning and impunctuality with the patron saint of impossible cases she can't hold a candle to Caridad del Cobre -->

with your light and power, abre mi ventana.

"Porque te Vas" written by José Luis Perales and performed by Jeanette first in 1974

about Ventana Canyon, from a (alternate) hiker's perpective

another spiritual type canyon thing:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


O Sing of the Sky Islands, my first steps on the grandmothers who are actually called Sierra Madre ...desert foothills suddenly teeming with saguaros give way to the seven cataracts and hundreds of stacked rocks, then a pine forest at 8000 feet...and the chem-trails disappear, giving us full access to the sun ----------------------------------------------------
1. Saint Catherine of Alexandria
(missionary man, Eusebio Francisco Kino named these mountains Santa Catalina after her, 1697) "Catherine liked high places,
High up on the hills
A place for making noises
A place for making noises
Noises like the whales Here she built a chapel Her image on the wall
A place where she could rest
A place where she could wash

and listen to the wind blow

he dreamed of childrens' voices
And torture on the wheel

Patron saint of nothing
A woman of the hills

She once was a lady
Of pleasure and high-born
A lady of the city
But now she sits and moans... and listens to the wind blow
I see her in her chapel
High up on the hill
She must be so lonely
Oh Mother, can't we give
A husband to our Catherine
A handsome one, a dear
A rich one for the lady
Someone to listen with
"* She is "the patroness of philosophers and preachers" and "spinsters" and/or "married women" or maybe "nothing" and she forsook an earthbound husband for one whose "beauty was more radiant than the shining of the sun" (*"The Wind" by PJ Harvey, 1998, about St. Catherine and the hilltop chapel close to her birthplace)
(Later, highest peak Mt. Lemmon was named for Sara Lemmon, botanist. It was unusual for mountain to be named for a woman by two different groups of European settlers.)

The scenic byway is a path to another world, an evergreen island in the Sonora Desert

3000 to 8000 feet on one road, we're just sitting above Tucson but it feels like we've gone for miles and miles in these ballet flats and giants standing like rocks between canyons that will literally take your breath away...
The Seven Cataracts, canyons become common as stoplights in the city...
Mysteriously, the chem-trails that cover the valley are not in these skies! Wonder why?
next episode, Kate Bush (another Catherine) and orgonite...