Thursday, December 23, 2010


(Ventana Canyon, AZ to "porque te vas" and others in full chemtraicolor, part 2)

"hoy en mi ventana brilla el sol
y el corazon
se pone triste contemplando la ciudad porque te vas...
me olvidaras, me olvidaras..."

abre mi ventana
abre mi ventana, catalina
lets move our clouds to the tucson valley
lets have our thrills on garnet hills
let's just not return to the tucson valley
let's have our quills on faerie holes

let's have a party in the house of catalina
let's pose on the couch and borrow her crystals
let's celebrate, our cups so runneth over
let's have fun, let the spider free!

we are the priestesses of imperfectly poor planning and impunctuality with the patron saint of impossible cases she can't hold a candle to Caridad del Cobre -->

with your light and power, abre mi ventana.

"Porque te Vas" written by José Luis Perales and performed by Jeanette first in 1974

about Ventana Canyon, from a (alternate) hiker's perpective

another spiritual type canyon thing:

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