Thursday, October 28, 2010

There is nothing more Portland than Mount Tabor, boom, boom

....and left this fertile land....

When the rains come and you're feeling down in the Rosy City, nothing quite compares to a visit to Mount Tabor. This is the Portland I remember, the fir smell, the air, one climb and it all came back. The old volcano is a temple of peace in this city, no other city I've been to has anything like it. The ancient fire within warms your heart, others in the park notice it too, it's a little like on Shasta but uniquely itself in its easy reachability. Several buslines take you there, the 14, 15, and 4 at least all go near, and if you have a car you can drive up at least part of the way. Need a break from hipsters on Hawthorne? Look east and up.

"Clackamas, paws, boom boom" beats the heart of the volcano maiden

To the west look down at the city, to the east look out at Hana, Mount Hood
Sister of Tabor
Hana stands clear with glowing white hair
a little pink in the setting sun
her sister called and said come see me
so now I am here and today the sky's clear
so I could walk cross the evergreen branch and go and see Her too
"It's cold up here," She says, "are you prepared?
And storms come quick so leave if you're scared."
Then the wind whistled and all I could see
was millions of Firs putting hands out for me
Timberline, she died here and her ashes were spread
falling like rain on Hana's white head
On adventurous days, she says, her hair turns pink
come next sunny day and I'll get you a drink (spring)
oh Hana oh Hana we sit and watch you from Tabor's green hall in the fall
and down will come baby, Craters and all

hoods like hana
craters and all

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fallow Tales

FALLOW TALES, the fourth Found Objects of Desire album....

from the flowerhouse of sapodilla to the northwest woods, from a crow sheltering her crops on a barren prairie to a waking volcano mama-to-be, we carry the messages back to Appalachia on our mixed up caribou...

...officially released on Fall Equinox 2010 along with a Flee-market at CouchCouch Theatre in Atlanta, GA...

snow white and blue (columbia gorge in winter)
anubis then coyote (high desert in summer, california)
mount tabor birthing song (cascade volcano near the clackamas)
lodgepole pine (the great northwest)
dig deeper, darling (ancient heartbeats, seed verse thanks to Greg of Streason)
crow day (sand creek, crossroad of the west)
my apprehensive stolen heart (new version of old traveling song)
trahlyta (cedar mountain, gold country north georgia)
rising fawn (cloudland canyon, keown falls, the hills from chattanooga back to atlanta)

cover art by lynlee, priestess of sugar creek
recorded at sugar creek in atlanta, ga
produced by sean t conlon, the irish lion
drums by melissa lonely
lead guitar, backing vocals, other stuff by lynlee
guitar, keyboard, hand percussion, lead vocals by arianna

everyone is currently doing solo collaborations
for a cd ($5 sugg doe-nation) contact arianna

Friday, October 22, 2010

miles and miles in black ballet flats: my first autumn day in Forest Park, Portland

...MILEPOST 17 or SO...

on a fallen tree in Forest Park
dewy mush fungus white pod things and longhair moss, green shag carpet and the hollies and ferns along the halloway
Clouds cover today for the first time since I arrived in town
Will today be the beginning of the rain?
I've heard people talk that it is coming, soon
The low constant roar of trucks on Saint Helens Road and Saint Johns Bridge
disappear and slence for a moment - was that the train? I'm deep in a forest.
Wait. the MAX goes through a tunnel deep beneath this Tualatin hill.

...Now I hear voices, human voices, sounds like a radio or phone. (?!)
I'm just taking pictures of mushrooms here, up there glistening in the sun.
what would the deer that ran by say?
I've walked to get here a long way.
Miles and miles in Ballet Flats.
I'm the guard of the fallen trees -
sword as splinter to the tramps
who pass though the moss house of faerys

Miles and Miles in ballet flats.
I walk this far to show you that
I can - alone and guided by no man

Miles and miles in ballet flats
I seek to find you, sister dear

whether playa or Under Ice
I feeel your heart pumping so near

For Faith is still a Flatiron, and I mean the mountain,
just before a quick storm
and Hope is Saint John, waiting for the bus over his bridge
in the rain again at 5 pm

and then there's Other sister, you,
sunning yourself on a piece of the rock you found at the base of an Altar that
forms a Bridge
connecting the faerys from here but I've heard youmay fall -
no you'll swing like Wallenda on Tallulah but will NOT fall
if you are walking in Black Ballet Flats!!!

Among the firs which are not really firs, they look more like ferns (cause they're Western Red Cedars)
Ballet Slippers are a gift from the faerys, made by the gnomes.
Oh my, it's getting cloudy, if these shoes get wet, I have to find the Orc to make me a towel in his mill by the river below

(it's polluting the river, but he's a holdout from the old days,
he has a boat and he lives in Oswego and has several Beavers as Maids)

About the park

Cathedral Park, North Portland, OR: Bridge Worship

one of the first things I did when I arrived back on the grid in the beautiful town of Portland was walk down to Cathedral Park on the Willamette River, under the shadow of Saint John's bridge. so thankful to be here I am. walked down the grey sandy shore, "oh dirty river come let me in" - sleater-kinneyfrom standing on the bridge