Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fallow Tales

FALLOW TALES, the fourth Found Objects of Desire album....

from the flowerhouse of sapodilla to the northwest woods, from a crow sheltering her crops on a barren prairie to a waking volcano mama-to-be, we carry the messages back to Appalachia on our mixed up caribou...

...officially released on Fall Equinox 2010 along with a Flee-market at CouchCouch Theatre in Atlanta, GA...

snow white and blue (columbia gorge in winter)
anubis then coyote (high desert in summer, california)
mount tabor birthing song (cascade volcano near the clackamas)
lodgepole pine (the great northwest)
dig deeper, darling (ancient heartbeats, seed verse thanks to Greg of Streason)
crow day (sand creek, crossroad of the west)
my apprehensive stolen heart (new version of old traveling song)
trahlyta (cedar mountain, gold country north georgia)
rising fawn (cloudland canyon, keown falls, the hills from chattanooga back to atlanta)

cover art by lynlee, priestess of sugar creek
recorded at sugar creek in atlanta, ga
produced by sean t conlon, the irish lion
drums by melissa lonely
lead guitar, backing vocals, other stuff by lynlee
guitar, keyboard, hand percussion, lead vocals by arianna

everyone is currently doing solo collaborations
for a cd ($5 sugg doe-nation) contact arianna

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