Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the Chartreuse thing

Wow, I have been away a long time..... Ever since I saw replays of Elisa's fellow Project Runway designer Christian Siriano's Spring 2009 collection and the chartreuse streaks across dresses and lips, I have been dizzy with this color. and inspired.
imagine Chartreuse leaves on a black tree.

Christian had described the collection as "the clouds...the sky, icy colors, then pop-up electric, lightning bolts..."*

and I can feel that intensity of the chartreuse from that imagery, harnessing energy on an overcast autumn day.
When popping up on lips it feels at first like a Dr. Seuss scene
(the pink ring from The Cat in the Hat?) but then I realize that the models are kissing the lightning bolts, and it becomes a Thor association.

The color can be found other places too... in the Christian Dior Paris Spring 2009 collection
(called "Tribal Chic" ... how appropriate!)

and an elegant dress in Lela Rose's New York fashion week show for the same season.

so, it may be headed towards being a "trendy color" in stores, but it does have a lot of possibilities, especially if you're feeling intent or conflicted.
I'm going to have to arrange some chartreuse, lime-green, and yellow sometime in the next couple of weeks.

In the Meantime: Wear yellow scarf with green dress...or green scarf with yellow dress....and imbibe with essence of railroad debris or pieces of wrecked car.

* Christian Siriano collection photos and info

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