Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the Nashville Basin, Bells Bend on the Cumberland.

Camping at Sulphur Creek farm under full moon for my brother's birthday.
Eating copious amounts of Squash and Dinosaur Kale, going to sleep with frogs and waking up with cows!

West of Nashville, following the Cumberland (which has recovered pretty well from the May 1 flood), rolling hills increase gradually. Only a few miles away, yet feels deep in the country. And the farmers of Bells Bend feel it should stay that way, having via literal Grass Roots movement, kept developers away. There is a city park at Bells Bend too, including a nature center.
At the town of Ashland City, 12 miles beyond, we found a more placid swimming hole in Little Marrowbone Creek. Again, sweltering June sun makes natural baths such a necessary idea!!

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