Thursday, November 18, 2010

wandering goats led me on: crossing the moodswing vales

It all began with a trip to the Wandering Goat coffeebar in Eugene. wind, rains, and lonely days getting me down, this was an escape through a hole in a cloud from the escape I was in.
The 44th parallel, that hazy space where sun worship leads the way, even amid clouds and rain.
a sign that the trollbridges of the City of Roses could not keep me much longer.
and the rains and wind kept blowing, the grey winter coming soon and so with them my moodswing fell as well,
I needed the mountain, the pulse from deep inside it
I needed the sun, must open clouds to find it
but even on the way out through green swept vales she can't make up her mind
the angels have the honey, they're just so hard to find

ooh, Umpqua is a place on earth
land of the thousand cookies and waterfalls

but she still can't make up her mind
Siskiyou what are you trying to do? please let us through.

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