Thursday, September 17, 2009

Find your home, in the limestone


Beside the swimming area at Wakulla Springs, the limestone floor drops to over one hundred feet below the surface.
, for those divers who have seen these depth and not drowned, there is a cave that connects to the gulf, below the Wakulla River and below the old fort San Marcos de Apalache, below the soft earth along each side that holds WalMart and several country homes, and the river's two spooky bridges.

Some of the fish that have lived here have followed the current from as far as South Florida and the Keys, it's been Sead.

And of course, manatees like the underwater caves too.
"come to the surface, I'm dreaming of you."

About a hundred miles Northwest is Florida's only aboveground cavern open to the public, Florida Caverns State Park along the Chipola River near one of its hiding places, where this river had risen years ago and created bluffs, recalling the days of yore when most of Florida was still underwater and these caverns were along the shore.

MY LUCK the cavern tour was closed when I was there, but I still got to witness this exciting combination, the paradox where palmettos cover walls of rocks...

just beyond here is where the sweet Chipola burrows underground for a few

dream on,

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