Thursday, September 9, 2010

'Econfina Spring to swim in, so I just jumped in the Crick: North Bay County, FL (Yellow)

Heey y'all PC beechers! So the main watersource feeder of Panama City, Econfina Creek, is also lined with natural springs on its upper section. Again, most of 'em are only accessible by canoe, and the public spring (Pitt) was closed for renovations when I tried to visit it. Near the closed park and the FL-20 bridge is a canoe launch, fairly popular with locals who suggested I just swim in the river. So I did - jumped in the yellow-toned clear sandy water and waded/dog-paddled up the current to the spring exit and back down, and it was exactly as desired - wild yet calm, safe yet with solitude, each river a distinctly unique experience and the greatest gift to the towns they serve. From PC: go up FL-77, turn right at Hwy 20, go a few miles till you see the sign for Econfina Creek Canoe Livery, then it's at both sides of the bridge, on the left. As they say, "nothin' could be finer than the econfina!"

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BlondeShot Creative said...

I've been enjoying the state parks a lot recently too. Nice to see your photos and experiences.